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React-Air X

Professional Portable Air Sanitisation

The Clean Air Solution for Commercial Environments

The React-Air X, is a portable air sanitiser, designed for use in tough commercial environments. Using a unique UV-C light array and HEPA 13 filters, the powerful fan drives the airflow through the decontamination chamber, neutralising bacteria, viruses, pollen and odors, delivering clean and sterile air back into the room.

UV-C technology has been used for many years to sterilise hospitals, operating theatres and surgical instruments.

When placed in a room with an airborne viral or bacterial risk, the RAX circulates the air up to 10 times per hour. It’s quiet operation, portable design and high-powered
UV-C technology is the perfect combination for intermittent or constant use within commercial environments.


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What is UVC?

How Can the React-Air X Help Beat Viruses?

The three main types of UV rays are UVA, UVB, and UVC. Because UV-C rays have the shortest wavelength, and therefore highest energy, they are capable of killing bacteria and viruses, also called pathogens. UVC light has a wavelength of between 200 and 400 nanometers (nm). It is highly effective at decontamination because it destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria, including “superbugs” which have developed a stronger resistance to antibiotics.

UVC has been used for over 40 years and has been proven to neutralise all types of coronaviruses. More recently, two studies from The (1) University of Boston and Hiroshima University, Japan have shown that UVC is highly effective in combating Covid-19. These studies showed that an average dose of 70J/M2 was required to achieve 99% sterilisation. The React-Air X delivers a UVC dose over 3 times this amount, at 240J/M2.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Will the React-Air X neutralise new viruses, like Covid-19?

The React-Air X is ideally suited to fighting airborne Covid-19 risks and is already being used in care homes, offices, restaurants, bars, and leisure facilities across the UK and Europe. It has been specifically designed with Covid-19 in mind, and will drastically other viral and bacterial threats like influenza.


  • Supply Voltage: 110-240V A/C
  • Minimum Power Consumption: 100 W
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 120W
  • Average Air Flow (with HEPA filter): 160 M2 Per Hour
  • Dimensions (W / D / H): 400 mm x 250 mm x 450 mm
  • Weight: 5.2 Kg
  • UVC Tube Specifications: 2 X 25W Germicidal Lamps (ozone free)
  • Total BC Flux: 94.94 W
  • Volume Bacterial Dose at Average: 241.14 J/M2
  • Lamp Lifetime (Average): 6000 – 9000 hours
  • HEPA 13 Filter Lifetime (Average): 12 Months
  • Noise Level: 32 db


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