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What is Print Management

A print management service will evaluate; your current printing system, your printing network setup and create a road-map for how to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Why Do You Need A Print Management Service?

There are five basic requirements all companies should consider when it comes to their printing:

  • Saving money
  • Security and compliance
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Automation
  • Printing from mobile devices

Limpio finds the best option for all of these requirements in three simple steps:

1. Assess your current printing solutions

When we assess your current printing system we do a complete evaluation of your print environment, document infrastructure and workflow. This will give us an accurate baseline of your printing spend. We then take all the results from the evaluation and construct a road-map to create your perfect printing solutions setup, including savings projections of the new setup.

2. Secure and integrate

Once we have our road-map created, we can start getting your system there. We will manage the transition from your current printing setup to the newly created system, including connecting to everything to your IT environment in a secure and complaint way. Additionally we create a secure environment for printing from mobile and manage your print servers and queues.

3. Automate and simplify

Once we have setup your new print management solution; we will manage the day-to-day operations of your printing and infrastructure, help you automate paper-based processes and improve productivity through the more efficient paper management.

To help improve the productivity and the end user experience we also include ongoing data collection which enables us to review and analyse performance.

Our team of experts works with you to create the best and most efficient print management solution for your company.

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